Hopeful Mindsets®


Tom Lennon’s Poster-dog for Hope

Pedro is a valuable member of Tom Lennon’s family. Tom first met Pedro when emceeing a dog rescue event at the Best Friends Animal Society, a rescue nonprofit based in Utah. Pedro was a small, emaciated dog that, after being abandoned by his previous owners, was sitting in the 100-degree weather, looking for a family. If anyone knows what hopelessness feels like, it was Pedro at THAT VERY moment. 

But Pedro knew he couldn’t spiral. He had a goal to be adopted, and he used his hope skills to make himself SHINE. 

He managed his nervousness using his Stress Skills, stayed positive by using his Happiness Habit of wagging his tail enthusiastically and adorably, took inspired action by running up to meet Tom, creating a Nourishing Network for Hope by having his fellow dogs encourage him, and eliminated challenges by staying in the present moment and focusing on the things he could control, such as his personality and his all-so-amazing disposition. And it worked! Pedro immediately won Tom’s heart, and he soon found with Tom in Wisconsin, living a life better than he ever could have imagined. 

Pedro is our Poster Dog for Hope: He reminds us that no matter what challenges life brings or how down and out we may become, we can always use positive feelings and inspired actions to get from hopelessness to hope.

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