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Hopeful Mindsets® Courses

Hopeful Mindsets® uses our SHINE Hope framework, based on the work of interdisciplinary experts who specialize in hope, mindset, mental health, stress, positive psychology, business, communications, and more.

Each of our courses introduce the SHINE Hope framework for various populations. They all include training videos and a coursebook to help understand the what, why, and how of hope.

The Overview Courses are 90 minute brief courses that introduce you to the what, why, and how of hope. They include videos from Kathryn Goetzke, our Chief Hope Officer, and they include a coursebook, and brief quiz at the end.  These courses are intended as a brief introduction to hope, to give you a general sense of how we teach hope and start you out on your hope journey.

The Hopeful Mindsets Deep Dive courses are more intensive, 10-week courses that allow you to practice skills every week on hope. You learn both from hope, happiness, and mental health experts, and those with ‘lived experience’ for the course topic. For example, our college course features experiences from college students, as they share specific strategies for how they used the SHINE framework during their campus experience.

The Hopeful Mindsets® Courses are:

Based in the most recent hope research

Inspired by the Hopeful Minds resources

Articulated by those with expertise in the specific area.

For example, our Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus course considers experts those with a scientific background, and also those that recently overcame challenges to graduate from college. We aim to arm students with tools and strategies before entering college, so they can use the knowledge they gain to navigate their own journey through to graduation.

You can find out more about individual courses by visiting the course pages below:

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We have more courses in the works. Want to active Hope citywide? Check out our Hopeful Cities campaign, for free resources on how to bring hope to your community.

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There is no challenge we cannot solve, through the lens of hope.

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