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Hopeful Mindsets™ Courses

HOPEFUL MINDSETS™ is a globally-available learning platform that introduces the hope skills required for a Hopeful Mindset. We’ve taken leading experts that cover different aspects of what we’ve identified as The Five Keys to SHINE Hope™, and created video montages that share this wisdom in an easily-digestible format.

Each video also includes interviews with individuals with “lived experience,” or those with stories to share. These individuals have overcome major challenges, and are able to share the strategies that worked, the strategies that didn’t work, and how they continue to face challenges in their lives using hope strategies.

The Hopeful Mindsets™ Courses are:

Based in the most recent hope research

Inspired by the Hopeful Minds resources

Articulated by those with expertise in the specific area.

For example, our Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus course considers experts those with a scientific background, and also those that recently overcame challenges to graduate from college. We aim to arm students with tools and strategies before entering college, so they can use the knowledge they gain to navigate their own journey through to graduation.

Every Hopeful Mindsets™ course includes:

10-weeks of tailored lessons and videos

inspired actions for each lesson to do with a partner or in a group

Complementary Coursebook

Quizzes at the end of each lesson

Marketing campaign to spread the message

You can find out more about individual courses by visiting the course pages below:

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We have more courses in the works. Want to active Hope citywide? Check out our Hopeful Cities campaign, for free resources on how to bring hope to your community.

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There is no challenge we cannot solve, through the lens of hope.

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