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Erin Michaela Brandt, MS

Coach with Appreciating Men

Erin Michaela Brandt, pre-Covid, traveled full time working with men’s groups, helping men to heal their relationships with women. She’s been a private men’s coach for 13 years. Now, she leads a blend of attachment work and nervous system co-regulation, and teaches men & women to both have compassion for one another and appreciate their differences.

Erin was an Injury Evaluation and Treatment Therapist for 22 years, a Personal Trainer and Movement Analyst for 9, and a Partner Dance Instructor for 25. She has a Master’s in Human Movement Science. Erin condensed about 9 years of learning about attachment theory and nervous system regulation into 3, assisted Diane Poole Heller, and now leads her own trainings in person and online at www.CalmAndEngaged.com

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